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In the andean mountains, in Bitaco, Colombia, surrounded by our natural reserve, hides a mystic tea garden where we cultivate a Colombian special, unique, loose leaf origin tea. It all starts in our nursery where we sow the best seeds and, when these begin to grow, we take care of them for over eight months before taking them to our garden.
In our plantation in Valle del Cauca, hidden behind the cloud forest, we sow and then harvest green, white and black tea of Colombian origin, hand picked by our experienced harvesters who select the buds with the softest leafs to create a unique taste.
After they are picked from our tea trees, the best leaves are taken to our production plant, where they undergo processes of classification, withering, oxidation, drying, and rolling, amongst others, in order to become the exquisite flavors that decorate your cup.
At Bitaco we take care of the entire process, from the nursery to the cup, because we know that an excellent harvest depends on the expertise with which the sowing is made, which is why, other than creating the best author’s blends, we are tea growers, we are present from the very moment the first tea leaf sprouts from our trees.
Té especial - bitaco
Te especial - bitaco