Grateful To Our Land

Delivering to our clients high quality herbal teas and blends means taking care of production processes, protecting the ecosystem that gives life to our tea and ensuring the wellbeing of people who have worked with us to make this dream come true.
Each small thing that happens at Bitaco is contemplated under the most strict quality standards. We seek to generate the least possible waste while we return to the land all its life.
In our mission to care for the environment we protect an entire forest reserve in which our tea garden is located surrounded by a cloud forest, which springs our land with its dew, by dozens of native species of fauna and flaura and by the Bitaco river, which instills everything with life as it passes by.
For us, it is vital that everything that happens from our nursery to your cup responds to a process aligned with practices of caring for the planet, which is why our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and our products have 100% natural flavors without artificial flavors that could harm our clients or the environment.
Sustainability is also about communities and how we support autochthonous beings of our land, which is why at Bitaco we contribute to the creation of healthy ecosystems through quality employment and different support, education, culture and development programs for the communities.

trabajamos unidos por el desarrollo sostenible de nuestra región

Organic certification

Our crops have organic certifications that are approved and recognized at a national and international level.

Organic certification for agricultural, livestock and wild-crop harvesting products under the USDA NOP standards for the U.S. market.

EOS Ecocert EOS (Ecocert Organic Standard) is the organic certification for agricultural, livestock and wild-crop harvesting products, and supplies for organic farming and honey under the EU 834/2007 - EU 889/2008 standards for the European market.

Certification of the food safety management system as per international standard ISO 22000 : 2005 granted by SGS.

This certification promotes environmental responsibility, social equity and economic viability for agricultural communities.

Social and environmental impact

We work for the region with the Agricola Himalaya Foundation
As a part of the Agricola Himalaya family there is also a foundation created to comply, daily, with our sustainability standards. With these actions we make sure that we effectively contribute to the wellbeing of the region and honor the principles of solidarity and love for the land that the founders of Agricola Himalaya established as a fundamental pillar of the company.

Support to rural education

The foundation works to complement the curricular work of rural schools providing them with IT, music, sports and environmental care teachers so that the children of Bitaco and nearby villages can access a comprehensive education.

Fundación himalaya

Marichú del Llano Scholarship Fund

It is important that the studies that begin at school continue, which is why we also have the Marichú del Llano Scholarship for Higher Education Fund, which offers support to a rotative group of 15 college students by paying for tuition fees and living expenses.

Leisure, Sports and Culture

Through the music classes imparted on Saturdays in the foundation’s premises, children and youngsters from nearby villages have formed a chorus of andean music that has won several competitions at a national level.

Environmental projects

The Agricola Himalaya Foundation also works for the environment. It has a native tree nursery with which, little by little, it has been reforesting the basin of the Bitaco river which provides water to over 9000 families in the region.