Green Tea Matcha Lulo


blend of green tea, matcha tea and natural lulo flavor to prepare the herbal tea.


Green Tea Matcha Lulo, a fantastic blend that awakens the body and soul with the magic combination of our organic green tea, Japanese matcha tea, dehydrated apple and cucumber, spearmint and delicious lulo taste. Energize with all the power of a blend full of amino acids and vitamins that activate your mind while you enjoy its delicious herbal, bittersweet and lulo notes. Green Tea Matcha Lulo Bitaco: an energizing and harmonic flavor experience.    


Pour hot water at 203ºF over the pyramid. Let it steep for 3 minutes and remove the pyramid. To make it cold, first prepare the infusion in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes, then remove the pyramid, let cool and add sweetener and ice.