Our story

We are Bitaco, a cup of magic born in the Colombian andean mountains in Valle del Cauca. We cultivate the only loose leaf special tea made in Colombia and charm palates with our exquisite author’s blends and high quality herbal teas. We bring the taste of our land to cups of people around the world. We are tea of origin and unique author’s blends, born from tradition and know-how of Agricola Himalaya, a company that has accompanied Colombians with Té Hundu since 1960.
The story of Agricola Himalaya is one of resiliency and love for a region, of honoring the teachings that shaped our founders’ path. We were born in 2016 as the brand Bitaco Unique Colombian Tea, an organic and traceable product that competes in the world’s most specialized tea markets and which, just like Agricola Himalaya, is guided by the principles of sustainability that have taken us along the right path. Since 2021, we have enlarged our product line adding the most delicious herbal teas and frutal blends to create unique experiences.
We are expertise, mastery and flavor, we make everything under the highest quality standards to fill cups around the world with the magic of our land. Our plant, located in Bitaco, Valle del Cauca, is America’s most modern, with state of the art equipment brought from India. Every moment, we care for the process so that only the best of our harvest gets to your cup.